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The Big Cool Science Festival at Colorado College

Saturday, April 8, 2017

A FREE, fun filled day of hands-on science adventures for the entire family

Brought to you by Cool Science and the Colorado College Cool Science Club

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Come kick-off Earth Month with us and find out how much fun science, math and engineering really is with live science demonstration shows, workshops, tours and a wide variety of fun and engaging hands-on science activities. If you're a Harry Potter fan you will enjoy our "Alchemy, Wizards & Potions" activities, featuring amazing chemistry and science adventures inside our own "castle" where you can climb the bell tower and learn about sound, waves and electricity. Presented by Cool Science, the Colorado College Cool Science Club and dozens of local companies, schools, clubs, nonprofits, museums and other organizations. The event is free, but please pre-register, and a $2/child (or $5/family) donation via Paypal (or cash at the door) will be appreciated to help cover our costs. Most activities are intended for students ages 8-15, but there will be fun for all ages. Never been to a BCSFCC? Check out photos from previous years (2016, 2015, 2014, 2013), or read about last year's festival to find out what to expect.


Date & Time: Saturday, April 8th, 10 am to 4 pm

Location: Colorado College, Barnes Science Center (also Olin Hall of Science), 1040 North Nevada Ave. (Google Map)

CC Map

click image for a larger map, or use the interactive campus map

CC Map

2017 Exhibitor Map coming soon


Parking: The parking lots indicated on the map are free on Saturday, BUT will likely fill up quickly, so we encourage you to park on the wide tree-lined local neighborhood streets and enjoy a pleasant walk or bike a block or two to campus. Tejon St. and the side streets along Tejon north of campus are ideal for this (cross Uintah at Nevada or Cascade).

Food: You asked for it, so for the first time we will have food and drinks available for purchase on site during the festival, thanks to CC's new PicnicBox, a cool little 1960's-era Volkswagon van repurposed as a catering truck! You are also welcome to eat like a college student in the campus dining hall (in Worner Center, 11-1:30)) and coffee shop, or try the restaurants along Tejon St.on the south side of campus (La'au's Taco Shop and Wooglin's Deli are just a block south of campus). We also encourage you to bring your own picnic lunch and enjoy the beautiful CC campus. And if you bring a water bottle we'll have a station where you can fill it.

T-shirts: You've also asked for T-shirts, so this year we've got them. We'll have more info about price and sizes soon, but in the meantime kids can download and color our Corbin Hillam original design (see below), then bring it to the festival for a chance to win a free T-shirt.

Target Audience: Primarily for 2nd-8th grade students, but plenty of fun activities for all ages!

Suggested Donation: $2/child or $5/family (cash at the door or online via Paypal or Colorado Gives.

Pre-registration: Help us know how many people to expect (and avoid the line at our registration tables) by pre-registering online.


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Like to volunteer? We need plenty of help during the festival with activity stations, setting up, info desk, taking photos, etc. Email volunteer@coolscience.org for more information.

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You can email any questions to info@coolscience.org


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* Help keep this event admission FREE *

Suggested donation $2/child ($5/family)

Donate Colorado Gives or Paypal

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Download Laine Michelle's 2017 CoOL festival poster to help us promote the event or color Corbin Hillam's new kids T-shirt design

Color Poster B&W Poster

2017 BCSFCC Poster (JPG)

Color it Yourself T-shirt Design



Live Science Demonstration Shows, Tours, Workshops & Special Presentations:


3 shows, times TBD — Cool Science — "Chemistry Magic Show" Join Prof. Ron Furstenau (Cool Science President and USAFA Chemistry professor) as he demonstrates some amazing chemical magic "tricks".

4 shows, times TBD — U.S Air Force Academy — "Physics is Phun" Join Lt. Col. Brian Smiith and USAFA cadets as they demonstrate some very cool physics throughout the day, and between shows you can even get up close and personalwith science yourself.

Times TBD — CC Shove Memorial Chapel Tours — There's lots of science and engineering in store as you tour our own little "castle", CC's beautiful Norman Romanesque chapel inspired by the famous Winchester Cathedral in England. Climb the spiral stone stairway in the bell tower all the way to the roof for a great view of campus, stopping to see (and hear) the giant bells and pendulum clock. You'll also learn about the large pipe organ, stained glass windows and cathedral architecture with several fun hands-on activities.

2:00 - 2:15 pm— Ormao Dance Company *NEW* Mathtastic: Dancing with Mathematics is an exciting, participatory performance that investigates math concepts using music, movement and a curious collection of everyday objects.

All Day — Cavesim *NEW* — Suit up and explore under the Earth- in a trailer! CaveSim is 60' of twisty simulated caving passages you crawl through, but don't bump into any stalactites. They're actually electronic sensors that record your score like a video game as you carefully navigate the course. (All ages).

All day — Mountain States Droid Builders — "Meet R2D2!" We built our own life-size, remote-controlled Star Wars droid and he'll be wandering around the festival throughout the day meeting everyone. (All ages)

All day — Young Artist's Workshop — You've seen our official poster/flyer, now meet Laine Michelle, the local artist who created it as she helps you design your own Big Cool Science Festival poster- and we might just use it next year! (All ages)



Hands-on Science Carnival Activity Stations (lots more coming soon):


American Medical Response — "Beyond the Lights & Sirens" Talk to our EMT, learn hands-only CPR techniques and explore the medical equipment inside a real ambulance. (All ages)

American Numismatic Association (Money Museum) — "Exporing the Science of Numismatics" Learn why some of the metals on our Periodic Table are good for coins and others just aren't. Take home a coin of your own, & play our games to win more! (All ages)

Buell Children's Museum (Pueblo) — "Imagination Playground" Build whatever you imagine with our big blue foam blocks. (All ages)

Catamount Institute — "Bird Watching Bingo" Learn to use binoculars by Searching for birds on campus and then identify them on your Bingo sheet to win! (All ages)

Cave of the Winds Mountain Park *NEW* — "Geo Lab" Learn how caves are formed and the rocks they contain. (All ages)

Challenger Learning Center — "Stomper Rockets" Build a rocket out of construction paper then launch it with a blast of air. (Ages 8+)

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo — Meet Zoo Educators and a few of your favorite animals from our ZooMobile (*10-2 only). (All ages)

Civil Air Patrol (Colorado Springs Cadet Squadron) — "Blast Off!" Build your own paper rocket, then launch it using compressed air to compete with other budding rocket scientists for distance and accuracy. (All ages)

Colorado College Office of Sustainability — "Ocean Acidification" Watch how carbon dioxide from your breath changes the color of water containing a pH (acid/base) indicator, and learn about what this means for the health of the Earth's oceans. (Ages 6+)

Colorado College Women in STEM — "Soda Can Stirling Engine" Watch CC students engineer a real working engine from a soda can and a candle. (All ages)

Colorado Parks & Wildlife — Skins, skulls and trivia. (All ages)

Colorado Springs Astronomical Society — View astronomical objects from the roof with our cool telescopes and learn how to safely observe the total solar eclipse coming August 21st. (All ages)

Colorado State Forest Service — "Tree Cookies" You don't eat them, but they tell you how old a tree is, and how rainfall and fires have affected its growth. Also learn home fire mitigation and plant your own ponderosa pine seedling. (All ages)

Colorado Technical University — Explore several electricity and magnetism activities as well as some cool robots. (Ages 6+)

Cool Science and the CC Cool Science Club — "Alchemy, Wizards & Potions!" Channel your inner Harry Potter with several amazing chemistry transformations and other activities inside our "castle":

  1. "Potions Lab" - Mix your own magic potions from common household chemicals and see what happens. (Ages 5-10)
  2. "Alchemist Lab" - Medieval alchemists were the forerunners of modern chemists, but they had to manufacture their own chemicals, and so will you by using cabbage to make an almost magical color changing potion! (Ages 8+)
  3. "Wizard's World" - Climb our "castle's" bell tower to test your wizarding skills by making ordinary objects sing and dragons spout water. (All ages)
  4. "Pipe Organ Sounds & Waves" - Learn how sound waves are created and make ordinary objects sound like CC's pipe organ. (All ages)
  5. Many more activities coming soon.

Dinosaur Resource Center — "All About Dinosaurs" We'll have skulls, claws and teeth from some of the dinosaurs and the flying and marine reptiles that lived 65 million years ago, a cool game, and casts that you can paint and take home. (All ages)

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument — Examine real fossils that were discovered in Colorado. (All ages)

Flash & Thelma Memorial Hedgehog Rescue & Homeward Bound Hedgies Rescue — Meet our very cute and furry African hedgehogs and learn just how long hedgies have been scurrying the Earth (hint: they were arond with dinosaurs). (All ages)

Garden of the Gods Park (City of Colo Spgs) *NEW* — "Wildlife of Colorado's Front Range" Learn to identify clues left by wild animals that live in and around the park. (All ages)

Hawk Quest *NEW* — Get up close and personal with several live birds of prey. (All ages)

k12 — "Fun with Bernoulli" Experiment with moving air to do some strange and amazing things. (Ages 5-12)

Lockheed Martin (& NASA/JPL) — What could skateboards, Isaac Newton and rockets have in common? Find out by powering your own rocket sled. Lots of other cool stuff too. (Ages 5+)

March for Science Colorado Springs *NEW* — "How Far Away is the Sun?" Start from a blue grain of sand on our table and try to place an orange tennis ball (the sun at this scale) at exactly the correct distance away to win a prize. (All ages)

Mile High Bug Club *NEW* — "Discover Bugs with the MHBC" Learn about entomology (the study of insects) and arthropods (insects, spiders, crustaceans and more) with lots of our creep-crawly critters, and join us on several "Bug Hunts" around campus throughout the day (check for times). (All ages)

National Space Science and Technology Institute (NSSTI) *NEW* — Tour Colorado College's observatory on the roof and peer through the big telescope (with CC Physics Dept.). We'll also have information about our new Mobile Earth & Space Observatory, a cool RV packed with telescopes and other equipment that can come to your school starting later this year. (All ages)

Pikes Peak Children's Museum *NEW* — "Your Heart & Blood" Discover what your blood is made of and how your heart pumps it through your body. (Ages 5-10)

Pikes Peak Library District (Green Team) — "Science of Urban Farming & Homesteading" Learn how to sustainably live off the land in an urban setting:

  1. "Bees and Beekeeping" Everything you ever wanted to know about those little buzzing critters from Suzanne Karaus of the Pikes Peak Beekeepers Association. (All ages)
  2. "Urban Homesteading" Specialist Allison Buckley from Buckley's Homestead Supply will explain how to raise poultry at home and introduce kids to one of her chickens. (All ages)
  3. "Farming & Homesteading Crafts" PPLD staff will help kids with several fun crafts. (All ages)

Pikes Peak Pebble Pups — Explore the rocks, minerals, fossils, and gems of the Pikes Peak Region with several activities. (All ages)

St. Mary's High School — Learn about 3D printing as we manufacture some simple plastic products. (Ages 6+)

that Science Fairy *NEW* — Follow the wandering Science Fairy's cart for lots of fun things to do. (Ages 4-6)

Thomas MacLaren School *NEW* — "Hexaflexagon" Fold a strip of paper into a cool flexible hexagonal structure. (Ages 8+)

Transparent Dreams Stained Glass *NEW* — "Art & Science of Stained Glass." Artist (and microbiologist) Mark Stein will explain how the beautiful stained glass in Shove Chapel is made, and let you try your hand at some of the engineering technology. (Ages 8+)

UCCS Dept. of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering *NEW* — Learn how machine shop tools and 3-D printing work. (Ages 6+)

Usborne Books & More — Check out lots of science books, have fun with "365 Science Activities" and enjoy story time at the top of every hour. (Ages 4-10)

YoungBotBuilders — Learn about Lego robotics and make your own spin art. (Ages 6+)


Cool Science is also supported by:

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The Schuster Family Foundation ----------- The Bruni Foundation

and your generous donations!


Special thanks to all our wonderful volunteers, especially T. Rowe Price employees.

We would also like to thank Phil Barnett (Phil Barnett Photography) for photographing this event!

Learn how you can volunteer at this event or other Cool Science Programs

If your organization would like to participate, or you know of another group we should invite, contact info@coolscience.org . We would love to add more variety to the activities, especially health sciences (doctors, nurses, dentists, veterinarians, etc.)


Disclaimer: By attending this free public event you are accepting that your family's images may be used on our website and promotional materials. If you would prefer that we do not use your image in any way, you may sign an "opt-out" form available during the event at the main registration desk in Barnes Science Center, or email us.





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